About Us

So here's the bit about us. First a short overview of the products, the business and how it came to be. Then a little bit of info about me, the creator of the products, printer and business owner. 

How this started

Back in 2008 I left the corporate world to start my own business. With a long background in print and design, I launched Big Cat Media specialising in unique printed products featuring aviation, motorsport and classic motoring. The business has grown and changed direction over the years but the core aim of creating unique printed products has remained. As our product range covers a variety of subjects, I was keen to create more specialised areas and turn them into something a little more focused, hence this site.

All of the products you will find in our store are designed, printed, packed and shipped by us. We print every single item and design every piece of artwork. We have always aimed to provide high quality products that are unique and interesting and we hope you find something here you like.

The Tyrrell products are also a result of a lifetime of interest in motorsport and we hope that our designs reflect the respect that the Tyrrell Racing Organisation rightly deserves. There is a certain weight of responsibility attached to producing designs and products associated with this team as they left a huge mark on the sport and earned their place in its history.  

The Tyrrell team was a great British success story and we hope that our products help in a small way to keep the legacy of the team alive.

I would like to thank Tyrrell Promotions Ltd for the support of this project and for the reference material. It's a privilege to have our products officially licensed and we look forward to many new designs and products in the future.

About me, I produce the artwork and print the products...

As is the way in life, one thing generally leads to another. After getting into the printing trade by accident things sort of developed. Along the way I learnt everything from creating artwork, printing, marketing and management. Funny though it sounds, it's now all proving to be quite useful!

I have followed motosport and Formula One racing for as long as I can remember and that's quite a way back as I can recall some of the seventies and all that followed. I have been fortunate enough to see some of the all time greats in action and even had a go myself! 

After starting work in the print trade I developed a keen interest in photography which lead to me spending far too much time at nearby Silverstone, normally in sub arctic conditions. I think the cold must have effected my powers of reason as in 1985 I enrolled at the Silverstone Racing School. This lead in time to one make racing and towing a race car around the UK, but that's another story.

I now spend my working life on projects mainly related to motorsport and aviation and it's a nice position to be in. After spending most of my working life involved with print and graphics I now get to choose my own projects to work on and I have to say this one is fun !

I hope you like the Tyrrell themed designs and products and I appreciate your interest.

Chris Tompkins